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April 19, 2010
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Poison Ivy Commission by JonHughes Poison Ivy Commission by JonHughes
The second in a pair of commissions for an attendee of Comicpalooza a couple of weeks ago. My first attempt at DC siren Poison Ivy. I am very happy with the final result of this piece, and hopefully my commissioner will as well. Thanks for looking :)
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Gabbo87 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014
What an excellent piece of Ms. Ivy
JonHughes Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014
Thank you!

Jon... Below you mention using reference for portraits or pinups. You also mention that trying to get skin right through reference. Is it just me or are you doing linework and photoshop brushwork over photographs. Someone else mentioned the details on the leaves in the suit,...these are carefully placed leaves...all the same leaf just used over and over again. The person commenting though would suggest that you drew and detailed each leaf by hand. As assembled, I guess it's art, but I don't think the people commenting here really have a firm grasp on your technique.


Just saying "Thanks" to every post is kind of misleading when its clear a great number of these posters have no clue that the art is not a complete fabrication of your hand Digitally or use photos in the actual art and the skin as one poster lauded over is somewhat consistent because you use the hue, texture and value of a real photograph's subject. It's obvious to me because I work in the medium and can see the photograph underneath all of the PS work you do over it, but nonetheless its still there. One poster even congratulated you over achieving the angle of her face citing it is difficult to render well. It's rendered well because the base photograph established all of the physical attributes. This is not great draftsmanship on your part...the photo does all the work. I think its misleading to represent your work as hand drawn, digitally colored/manipulated work, when in reality it is photo manipulation, with a little hand drawn art thrown in. When I look at your hand drawn work, it's very obvious that it was hand drawn. Your hand drawn stuff when compared against your digital photo manipulations, don't even look like the same hand authored the work. I get that the untrained eye may not see these nuances, and that there is nothing inherently wrong with the technique...but accepting platitudes based on the fact that you KNOW the audience believes these are hand rendered pieces, digitally colored, when both you and I know that is not the case, is frankly insulting to artists in every medium.  Anyway, that's my 2 cents. Cheers.


JonHughes Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013
Since it means so much to you, here is a detailed explanation of exactly how I created this piece:  
I started with a blank canvas in photoshop and pasted in the picture of the model I used as reference.  I used the pen tool to outline her shape, and used the stroke command with no simulated pressure to create the outline.  I then created 4 layers underneath the lines, and painted in the flats for the skin, the hair, the suit and the background.  This was done in different shades of grey.  I then used the burn tool to burn in the shadows, only one tone, and used dodge to add some highlights, also only in one tone.  I then used hue saturation on each of those layers to add color.  Next, I found a picture of a poison ivy leaf, desaturated it, and used levels to increase the contrast, then created a brush out of it.  I used that brush to stamp in the leaves for the suit, also in grey, and then saturated them with color, and used the warp tool to wrap them around the contours of the body.  I then brushed in the vines in the foreground and the background with brushes I downloaded from a free resource website.  I'm not ashamed of any part of this process.  There are infinite ways of creating art. People like you who claim to be the authority of what is and what isn't an appropriate way of creating art are small minded.  
It is fairly simple and straight forward.  At the time, it was challenging, and I was still trying to figure out  photoshop, so I waas experimenting with new things in every piece.  I can't imagine using any of those techniques any more, but at this time, more than three years ago, I used what I knew to create the best art I could, and the person I made this for was happy, and that's all that matters.  I've also said nothing misleading in my answers.  People say they like it, and I say thank you.  You obviously have some unfortunate angst that you need to direct, because there was really no good reason for you to leave this comment, at all.
You are also obviously ignorant, and inexperienced in the field that you are claiming to be an expert in.  For you to mistake a flat, three toned, single hue coloring job as a photo, is a little embarrassing after the claims you've made about what you know.  There is almost no tonal detail in this piece that would have resulted from manipulating a photo.  I mean, look at the legs.  Simple.   Fill area with color, swoop down the left side of the leg with burn tool, swoop down the right side of the leg with burn tool, swoop down the middle with dodge, and done.  And to not be able to tell that the leaves on the suit were made with a custom brush?  I would find it hard to believe that an expert wouldn't see that immediately.  You're just clearly not an expert at all.  Your an embittered person, ranting away at what you don't understand, because you're unhappy.  There is nothing about me that "both you and I" know.  You're a stranger to me.  I have no idea who you are, and you don't know me.  To claim that you know anything of me is arrogant, and it shows your lack of realization of your own ignorance.  You're not qualified to be a critic of me, judging by your uninformed critique.  
Well, that's all I've got.  Let me know if you have any questions, but of course I'll be happy to answer more of your ignorant assumptions as well.  I'll check back soon to see if there's anything more I can clear up.  Also, if you'd like to discuss in person, this weekend I'll be representing my publishing company, Overground Comics, which I own, at the Space City Con in Houston, with my guests Celia Calle, Stuart Sayger, Nadya Anton and Joshua Flower.  You should come by and say hi.  I'm not sure what you'll be doing this weekend, because I have no idea who you are, and I don't give a fuck about you, which you're probably used to hearing from people.  Enjoy your self absorbed, anger filled obscurity.  For the rest of your life.
alexandernevermind69 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013
Wow...touched a cord did I? For all your gassing on your technique, I call BULLSHIT!! Whether you know who I am or not, there is no mistaking in reverse engineering your process. I've DONE photo-paint-overs and know hat they look like. I can SEE the fucking photos in your pieces. If that's your technique, fine. But save the bullshit about greyscale tonal  layers...if you are using grey scale layers, they are grey scale layers of the embedded photo. Its very clear that you are using photos and enhancing/painting over them. I've seen you do commissions, and know for a fact that your hand rendered art sucks ass. I've seen your sketch covers and though most con artists render those things pretty fast and loose, its very evident that your applied art doesn't compare to your digital stuff, or even look like the same hand. I've seen Greg Horn's digital paintings...whether he's using a 3-D modelling program or painting digitally by hand. I've also seen his sketch work...and they look and wreak of the same hand. Now I know drawing a comparison between Greg Horn's work and yours is like comparing a platter of ripe strawberries to a pile of shit...but you get the point...One's hand is consistent throughout their work. I know when I'm looking at a Frazetta piece, pencil rough, full painting, or watercolor study. Your work products are inconsistent because they aren't from the same  source or even based on the same skill set. Needless to say, your  digital prowess is better that your drawing skills. ANd you're right, I am unhappy...with hacks like you who purport to be artist in the same spirit as the aforementioned. Arrogant or not, I dont have to know you to see your work and know that your technique is not consistent with your stated process..and that annoys me. I also don't get why you would or should give a fuck about me...that has nothing to do with the matter at hand. I did see your booth at SCC, with your big banners and all star cast. I thought better to not come say hi, as you look like a particularly bigger douche than I had expected. Why isn't it obvious to you that despite some notable talent you have there, that your OC venture is going to tank bigger than the Titanic? Sad for the Joshua Flowers,etc, but with hacks like you at the helm....

Obscurity?...hmmm. I'm far from obscure...especially in my own field that does extend to writing. I have many wonderful people in my life and notable accolades...but they're not important at this moment. What is important is that I know have one thing you don't....TALENT. 
JonHughes Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013
Of course you touched a cord with me, as I obviously did with you.  You're still pressing the same opinions that I've already pointed out are obviously inherently flawed, and expose your lack of understanding of the craft.  I'm not sure why you believe that you can convince anyone other that yourself that you are right about any of this, when you obviously aren't.  I'm a talented and experienced artist.  I know what I'm doing.  I think it's funny that you say that my sketch covers "suck ass" when I have literally never drawn one that didn't sell for the price I asked for it.  
I don't know who you are, or what field you are in, or any of that, and I don't really care about you, because you're nobody.  See, my account here is under my own name.  My real name.  I'm fine with you knowing who I am.  But I welcomed you to come talk to me about this in person.  You can come watch me work any time you please.  You can come see it, and let go of this waste of time vendetta that you have against me for some reason, because you can see the truth for yourself.  For that matter, you can come to our studio any time and watch any of us work.  You're welcome to.  Anyone is.  Unless you're going to keep being an asshole about it, of course.  I don't really care to have you come see what I do in order to prove you wrong.  I don't need to do that, because I still don't really care what you think.  But if want to come check it out to ease your own  mind, then you're welcome to.
And one more time:  I'm Jon Hughes, the owner and founder of Overground Comics.  Who are you?  For now, all I know is that you're some gutless, anonymous troll on deviantART.  You have no face, and no name.  I told you that you could come talk to me face to face, but you're basically a chicken shit person who wouldn't dare.  I knew that you were someone who had something personal against me, because no knowledgeable, self respecting artist would actually do what you're doing here under his or her own name.  You are nothing to me, because you hide in anonymity, and you probably belong there.
Any time you want to sit in front of me and show me what you can do to prove you have the credibility to critique me, you're welcome to.  Any time you want to reveal your real name, you're welcome to.  You probably won't do any of this though, because if you had any class or character, you already would have.  
If you have a personal problem with me about something, you should probably approach me with it and try to work it out with me.  Letting it fester and cause you to make a fool of yourself with trolling like this doesn't do you any good.  I don't think that you're mature enough to do that right now, or we wouldn't be in this conversation.
You hide behind vague guarantees of your talent and prowess, because you don't actually have any of that for real.  I would be curious to see any of your actual art, but I doubt that it will be revealed to me who you really are.  I'm fairly certain that I already know you, and you're hiding who you really are from me, because you don't have the courage to be honest.  I do.  I have that.  That's how I operate.  Honestly,  You don't.
You know who I am, and that's why I know that you know that the things you are saying are unfounded and untrue.  Whoever you actually are, you should be embarrassed.
I am not without sympathy or understanding though.  I know that these things can start from small matters and balloon into unfortunate feelings that cause pain and anger.  I don't really want to be any part of that.  If you ever want to calm down and have a civil discussion about it, I would be more than happy to talk to you in person.  I can buy you lunch and bring along my laptop and a tablet and demonstrate to you the process I use in my work, and we can ease your mind.  Most of what I've said to you in this discussion is a result of who you are showing yourself to be, but I honestly doubt that it is who you are all of the time, and I know that it's not good for you to act this way.  You have an open invitation from me because of who I am.  I've seen a lot in these past few years of trying to make it in this business.  I've seen people get jaded and judgmental and lead themselves to their own destruction because of it, and it's unfortunate. When you have an open mind, and you accept people, and you don't let what you assume to be true keep you from understanding that actual truth, you have much firmer ground to build success upon.  I am who I am.  I'm not perfect, but I'm not dishonest or deceptive.  And since I'm not perfect, I'm not going to judge you.  I'm going to tell you that on your side, this whole situation is a dick move.  But that's all.  
I'm here any time.  I'm Jon Hughes.  I live in Houston.  I'm available, I'm accessible, and if you're really a part of this industry, I'll welcome you to know me better if you want to drop this nonsense and learn something about me and probably yourself.  If you want to keep hiding behind an anonymous deviantART account and shouting ignorant insults from the shadows, I can't help you.  No one can, and no one will care to.  If you want me to accept your claimed credibility and your supposed talent, I'd be happy to hear your name and see your work, and understand you better.  This nonsense, however, as I said before, is just embarrassing to you.
EKKnight Featured By Owner May 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This is awesome! Do you mind if I feature it in a poison ivy art compilation that I'm working on and wish to post online?
Exterminator780 Featured By Owner May 24, 2013
Oooooohhhh soo sexy dude!
bairdduvessa Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012
sexy and mysterious as she should be
JonHughes Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012
thank you
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